“We prefer to keep our drama on stage!”

ATG is committed to providing safe and healthy venues for our customers and staff to enjoy!  We have an experienced Risk Management team that provides professional advice and guidance on all areas of risk management; including health and safety, wellbeing, fire, security, business continuity planning and sustainability.  Together with ATG’s venue managers, they perform annual risk management audits, food hygiene audits and fire risk assessments on all properties, detailing recommendations for improving standards and promoting a proactive culture of safety management.  The Team also provides technical support to venues reviewing competency standards of staff and ensuring production and performance safety is proactively and effectively managed.

Early 2017 saw a significant achievement for the Group, led by the Risk Management team, who were successful in gaining the OHSAS 18001 certification, being awarded the Standard for our Operation of Live Performance Venues. The standard provides ATG with a framework for our safety management system that strives towards continual improvement and proactive safety management.

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