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Influencing Positive Change

ATG requests evidence of the environmental credentials and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) annual reports of some supplier companies we engage, and plan to expand this project further to other suppliers throughout 2017/18.

This level of engagement places ATG in a positive position to influence positive change with supplier practices.

ATG benefits from contractual partnerships with responsible companies, such as John Good Ltd, suppliers of our theatre programmes. All paper used in their products have been certified in accordance with the requirements of Forest Stewardship Council, using the FSC Chain of Custody Standard.

In order to reduce air emissions ATG have worked with one of our most significant supply chain partners to negotiate and maintain a ‘super-contract’ to provide a significant number of delivery services through a single supplier across our UK venues.

Through Ambassador Theatre Group’s partnership with Life Water and drop4drop, 12 communities across India and Uganda have been provided with access to sustainable sources of clean drinking water, changing the lives of over 13,000 people! https://www.life-water.co.uk/atg

Water Blend

As a founding member, ATG joined together with industry partners to create SiPA – The Sustainability in Production Alliance is an active community of allies working in live production with commonly held aspirations for our industry. In 2015 we created the SiPA goals for everyone in our industry to consider sustainability in their practice using a common framework. Together, we aim to ignite sustainable cultural change in the live production industry. SiPA is formed of individuals from all sectors of our industry – at all levels of the supply chain and at all stages of the production life-cycle. http://www.sipa.org.uk/what-is-sipa.html